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I Will Stand Up For Your Rights

Holding government accountable: That has been the central theme to my campaign for House of Delegates in the 89th District. That isn't just a talking point, there is action behind my words. Throughout my campaign I have taken a stand, literally, to defend the rights of our citizens and demand government accountability.

Changing The Calculus For Dealing With Sea Level Rise

If elected to represent Norfolk in the House of Delegates, I will propose legislation instructing the Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resiliency to coordinate with the Virginia Modeling and Simulation Center, VDOT, and local governments across the state to develop a unified framework and platform for developing and scoring all projects related to flood mitigation and stormwater management.

Every Citizen's Duty - Holding Government Accountable

I think I held my own against the best the city could throw at me, and I scored more than a few major hits in return. The city had to admit they made technical violations of the law and didn't do the best job giving the legally required justifications for more time. The best part was I was allowed to question the defense’s witness, Norfolk Public Affairs Manager Michelle Washington, and got her to admit she used to be an editor for the Pilot. Clearly she didn't want the Judge to know she used to deal with FOIA requests from the flip side of the city in her previous job.

Carbon Farming - The Next Big Deal In Climate Change

Many scientists agree that we are quickly approaching the point of no return on climate change; that point where we broach the two degree celsius change whereby we cannot reverse the damage to our atmosphere. It has been written we will reach that point by the end of the century. This has many frantically supporting all measures to reduce CO2 emissions and the ‘greenhouse effect’, and lamenting any opposition, regardless the reason. For every supporter there seems to be an opponent, and the ensuing paralyzation of any real progress.

Judge Recusal Delays FOIA Hearing

Today’s scheduled hearing for my FOIA related petition in the Norfolk Circuit Court was promptly met with the judge recusing himself. Judge Louis Sherman stated he knew almost everyone I mentioned in my filing, “but I don’t know you”, and thus recused himself.

When I reminded the judge that the law requires I have a hearing within seven days of filing the case, he looked up from the recusal motion he was filling out and said, “except when a judge recuses himself”.

Norfolk FOIA Fiasco

The Virginian-Pilot ran a story on July 28, 2017 "Norfolk shreds records related to investigation into ex-Sheriff Bob McCabe" regarding the events pertaining to RFP 3642 (a 2010 request for proposals for the city jail's medical services contract). I read that story and my heart sank once again. Just when we thought the healing may begin, a fresh opening to a nasty, long-term wound. This story led me to believe that the City of Norfolk lied to the reporter via their response to an official Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. I decided to request the very same records the reporter requested, including the communications from the reporter that led to those records being delivered (and the basis of the reporter’s story). Maybe, just maybe, there was another way to look at this, and salvage the relationship before it got too ugly. But alas, once you start digging in the dirt, there is a good chance that those in high places would rather you not muddy the waters.